The Big House Dataset: Desired Applications and Interactions


What do normal, everyday people want to do with consumer IoT systems in their homes? How do different IoT interfaces affect what users think the system can do? We deployed four questionnaires to collect information on the interactions and applications that typical home occupants desire from smart home IoT technologies. We received over 1,500 responses, about 600 of which are users’ descriptions of IoT applications they would like in their home, and about 900 of which are users’ interactions with a smart home AI. This dataset was released publicly along with a paper describing key findings on the priming effects of common IoT system interfaces. However, the data is a rich source of additional information related to what people want to do and how they want to do it. Researchers in both academia and industry can benefit from the insights this dataset has to offer about consumer IoT applications, user-centric system design, and trade-offs between interfaces.

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Data Acquisition To Analysis
Dr. Meghan Clark
Dr. Meghan Clark
IoT Research Scientist

My research interests include sensor networks, radio communications, and network monitoring.